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Village E

Village E is home to the Spears School of Business Community(fourth floor) and the Athletic Training House(third floor).

The remaining floors are open to any major and classification of student. All of the bedrooms are private, and forty percent of them feature private bathrooms. The remaining 60% of the rooms share the bathroom with just one other person. All rooms have ceiling fans, as well as cable TV and internet hook ups.

The communities are small with only about twenty people per community. Each community shares a living room, kitchen, laundry room, study room, and patio. The living room features comfortable seating for viewing the 52 inch high-definition TV. The fully-furnished kitchen is a perfect place to cook community dinners. The laundry room is free, and accessible only by your room key. All of Village E is WiFi, and it is alcohol free.
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- Wentz
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- Bost
- Davis
- Morsani-Smith
- Peterson-Friend
- Kamm
- Sitlington
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- Bennett
- Stinchcomb & Booker
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