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Zink & Allen Hall

Deluxe suite style living can also be found in Zink and Allen Halls. Located north of Cowboy Mall in the North Monroe Halls, the four-story suites are co-ed, with same gender units. They are open to all classifications of students, and offer nine-month contracts only. Each hall houses approximately 160 students.

Students can choose from 4 single bedroom/2 bath units or 2 double bedroom/2 bath units (all units house 4 people). All units are fully furnished, and feature a counter area with storage, sink, and a disposal. There is plenty of room for you to bring a microwave and a refrigerator.

Each bedroom and living room features cable TV hookups, computer network connections and ceiling fans.

Each building features a kitchen and a lounge on every other floor. Zink and Allen also offer open visitation, and are alcohol free.

The halls are home to several living learning communities. Zink Hall is the location of Ketchum House, the Native American Affinity House. Allen Hall is also home to Maude’s Quad, the Women in Engineering House, as well as HOMES Multicultural Engineering House.
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