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We’ll give you 10 reasons why on-campus life is easier, and more fun. But this is just the beginning.

  1. Always Be On Time
    Class, library, the big game --anywhere you go is just minutes away by bike, scooter, bus or on foot.
  2. Connect with Friends
    Residential halls are close-knit communities; your friends are always around the next corner or right next door.
  3. Save Some $
    There’s value  in remaining on-campus. Rent, utilities, maintenance, etc, are all rolled into one bill.
  4. Live in Style
    We offer fully furnished units, and a range of different housing options to suit your style.
  5. Be Self-Sufficient
    No need to go to the laundromat or cafeteria when you have laundry and kitchen facilities within your building.
  6. Stay Connected
    Cable TV, WiFi, Internet -- it’s all included in your one bill.
  7. Get Involved
    There’s no better way to engage with clubs, organizations, and activities than be part of the on-campus community.
  8. Stay in Shape
    Why join a gym when the Colvin Center has everything you need right here?
  9. Choose Your Lifestyle
    Whether you want a single room, or to be part of a living-learning community, all options are available to you.
  10. Eliminate the Commute
    Many students choose to work at OSU -- it’s even easier when you’re living here too. Work can be as easy as walking downstairs.
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