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Housing and Residential Life has a dedicated Facilities team to assist you while you're living on campus. See here for all our Facilities Information.

Please report any and all maintenance or repair issues as soon as possible. Delaying reporting could result in further damage. Typical items may include: issues with blinds, light bulbs in University-provided fixtures, appliances that are not working properly, pest control, leaks, clogged toilets, sinks, or showers.


  • Contact the HRL Facilities Maintenance Office at 405-744-8510. The office is open Monday-Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. A phone message may be left for a maintenance concern that will not cause further damage.
  • For issues that happen after-hours, on weekends, or during University Holidays, please contact OSU Facilities Management at 405-744-7154. They have staff on call 24-hours a day and will make a determination of repair. 
  • After Hour Emergencies: In case of after-hour emergencies (Heating or Air Conditioning, flood or other serious plumbing issues) please call Work Control at 405-744-7154.
  • For Internet or Phone Issues, please call the Help Desk at 405-744-4357

We will do our best to resolve all emergencies within 24 hours. Please note that some issues will take longer than 24 hours to resolve. Examples of emergencies include:

  • elevator with a person stuck inside,
  • overflowing toilet,
  • active leak,
  • no heat or air conditioning in extreme temperatures,
  • smell of gas,
  • exposure to the outside elements due to broken main door or window,
  • and broken lock with no way of securing the space.

All other issues will be considered on a case by case basis.


Regular preventative maintenance occurs throughout the academic year. You will be notified prior to the time of the maintenance so you can prepare your living space (if needed). All maintenance personnel who need to enter your room will knock three times and announce themselves BEFORE entering the space. If you are not home when the work is completed, personnel will leave a card letting you know what was done, the date and time, and the technician.


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