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Safety and Security

Our #1 priority is making sure that all OSU students have a safe environment, and on-campus living provides peace of mind. Campus police are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. And OSU staff, including our Assistant Residential Community Educators (ARCE) are on-call to provide support. 

OSU Campus Police

Our campus police force consists of 33 full-time officers, 12 support personnel, and 21 student employees. If you need assistance at any time, for any reason, contact us at (405) 744-5592. Oklahoma State statutes allow for full police powers on OSU property.

OSU Campus Police

Help Keep Our Campus Safe

Prevention is key to on-campus safety. Get to know our procedures for fire alarms and exiting a building. Learn what steps you can take to prevent fire alarms caused by steam , aerosols and vaping.


Did You Know?

The top cause of fire alarms within residence halls is cooking.


More information about campus safety:

For more information about campus safety:

Visit OSU Campus Safety Website

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