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Safety and Security

Our #1 priority is making sure that all OSU students have a safe environment, and on-campus living provides peace of mind. Over sixty Blue Emergency Phones are located at various locations throughout the main campus with an additional ten in the Greek Life community. These phones provide immediate, 24-hour contact with University Police dispatch in case of an emergency.


OSUPD are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. OSU staff, including our Assistant Residential Community Educators (ARCEs) are on-call to provide support. 


OSU Police Department offers a phone app called Rave Guardian that turns your phone into a personal safety device. Learn more about OSU Police and how they can assist you by going to their website.


Our campus police force consists of 33 full-time officers, 12 support personnel, and 21 student employees. Oklahoma State statutes allow for full police powers on OSU property.

OSU Campus Police

Health and Safety Checks 

Hall staff conducts Health and Safety Checks in the residential halls periodically to ensure and maintain the health and safety on campus. Each hall/wing is notified of when these are occurring. HRL Hall Staff administers these checks to ensure that community living space is adequate, allowing our staff to report any maintenance needs required. 

Help Keep Our Campus Safe

Prevention is key to on-campus safety. Get to know our procedures for fire alarms and exiting a building. Learn what steps you can take to prevent fire alarms caused by steam , aerosols and vaping.

Visit OSU Campus Safety Website

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