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There are so many benefits to living on campus, from one convenient bill that includes rent and all utilities, to no deposit required to return to campus. It's easy to see why living on campus is the best option for you!

On-campus life isn’t just more convenient. It can also save you $. Let us count the ways:

  1. One Bill for Everything
    No need to keep track of rent, utilities, cable, internet, etc. -- we’ve rolled it all into one bill.
  2. Time is Money
    Your time is valuable. Don’t spend it in traffic, looking for a parking spot, or waiting for the bus.
  3. No Deposit Required
  4. Beyond the Classroom
    In our living-learning communities, you can stay engaged -- even when class is over.
  5. Free Support
    At no extra cost, you’ll have access to support  -- academic, technical, and even emotional.
  6. Public and Private Spaces
    Whether you need a quiet place to study, or a vibrant social scene, your residential hall will have a place for you.
  7. Safety First
    In addition to friends and support staff, you can count on the OSU police force to < secure our campus and provide emergency assistance.
  8. Save on Transportation
    No extra fees. And there’s no chance that you’ll get a parking ticket either.
  9. No Maintenance
    There’s no need for you to even replace a light bulb. Try getting that with off-campus housing.
  10. Only Pay for What You Need
    Why sign a 12-month lease when on-campus housing is prorated for the 9-month school year?
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