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Oklahoma State University

CASNR Freshmen In Transition (FIT) Living Learning Program (LLP)

CASNR Freshmen In Transition (FIT) Living Learning Program (LLP) badge

About the LLP

Freshmen in Transition (FIT) is the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resource's residential Living Learning Program. You will live with fellow CASNR freshmen, FIT Student Academic Mentors, and Community Mentors, who will help you become engaged and involved. In addition, you will work with students, faculty and staff through academic, extracurricular, professional, social and service activities that promote personal growth and development.


  • Live with other CASNR freshmen in Village CASNR.
  • Promotes community building through interaction with other CASNR students and mentors.
  • Provides students with leadership opportunities on campus and participation in leadership/professional development workshops.
  • Contribute to the community through service activities.
  • Live with FIT Student Academic Mentors (FIT SAMs) who are CASNR upper-classmen that serve as a built-in support system.
  • FIT SAMs establish a sense of community and coordinate on-going programming activities for FIT students to encourage students to become engaged and involved.

Requirements & Expectations

  • Attend CASNR sponsored activities
  • Maintaining (or earning) a 3.0 GPA
  • Participating in small group and large group activities
  • Developing professional and leadership skills
  • Involvement in CASNR and OSU
  • Expanding personal and educational interests
  • Communication and networking with faculty
  • Engaging in community building and wellness activities
  • $150 participation due
  • View detailed list of expectations (PDF)