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COVID-19: Move-in Process

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way you will check into the halls, so please take note of the important steps to compete your move-in experience. There are two easy steps to complete your check-in experience.

Step 1

  • Residents were sent an email to your okstate account which contained your assigned move-in day and timeslot.
  • On that day and time, you will go to either the Colvin Recreation Center or Wes Watkins Center FIRST. Your specific location is outlined in the email you received. There you will get your student ID (freshmen only), a COVID test, and freshmen will receive up a goodie bag, which will include a mask for you. Click here for a campus map
  • If possible, you are encouraged to take a COVID test within 7 days of your on-campus arrival date. You will need to bring a hard copy of your test results, and it will be scanned into your medical file by University Health Services personnel. Otherwise, you will be tested at this time.
  • If you do not already have your OSU Student ID, you will be able to get it at this location. Please fill out this form prior to your campus arrival.
  • This process should take approximately 30 minutes and only the student is allowed in the building –  guests should wait in their cars.
  • Please plan to bring masks for yourself and any guests you have with you for the move-in process.
  • After you have been tested, you will receive a green or orange wrist band. This is your ticket to be able to progress to Step 2.

Step 2

  • Report to your assigned hall and check-in. Watch for designated entry/exit doors, directional signage, and social distancing markers.
  • Only students who have a green or orange wrist band will be permitted to check-in.  If you do not have a wrist band, you will be asked to go to the testing site and complete Step 1.
  • You can find additional information including helpful packing checklists, cleaning suggestions, and move-in tips on our website.

Further Instructions

  • Please plan to bring no more than two people with you to move-in.
  • Masks are required in public spaces including entryways, hallways, elevators, and other common area locations.
  • We ask that you empty your vehicle quickly, and move your belongings into your assigned living space as quickly as possible.
  • Once you have your items moved in, please keep the main door to your living space closed to promote social distancing.
  • If you need to leave campus to go shopping, grab a bite to eat, or say goodbye to your family, you are welcome to do so. We only ask that you don’t congregate in the hallways, lounges, or community spaces.

We appreciate your adherence to this in order to limit large groups of people on campus at any given time.

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