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Move-in Information

Housing and Residential Life welcomes you on campus, we want to make this process as seamless as possible, so we've collated some common move-in FAQ's for you below.

Move-in Day






Community Spaces


    We recommend using a liquid detergent formulated for high-efficiency washers. All-in-one packets/pods can be used in any of the laundry rooms’ washers, but they need to be put in the basket/drum before the laundry is put in. DO NOT put a pod in the dispenser of a front-load washer. We do not recommend using powdered detergents.
  • Do dorms stock toilet paper? 
    Community bathrooms restock toilet paper daily and are on a daily cleaning schedule. Students in suites and apartments are responsible for their own bathroom supplies and cleaning.
  • Will the basketball and volleyball courts be open with nets up? 
    At this time we plan to have everything open for all of our outdoor and indoor game spaces.
  • Are the washing machines high efficiency?
    All our front-load washers are high-efficiency (hE) machines.  However, a lot of the laundry rooms and apartments still have top-load washers and most of those, especially the older washer models, are not high-efficiency machines.  If a top-load washer has the words “high-efficiency” or the hE symbol on the control panel, it’s pretty safe to assume it meets the high-efficiency criteria.
    If you are concerned about what type of detergent to use, remember this: 
    • A detergent designed for high-efficiency washers can be used in ALL washers.  Those detergents will have the high-efficiency symbol somewhere on the container.
    • A detergent that is not formulated for high-efficiency will not have the high-efficiency symbol on the container and should not be used in high-efficiency washers; they tend to generated excessive suds which are difficult to rinse out.  If you absolutely have to use a non-hE detergent in a high-efficiency washer, most washer manufacturers recommend that you use only about half of the recommended amount of non-hE detergent. This could, and probably will, affect the detergent’s performance



Housing Portal/Charges

  • How do you complete the Roompact if it won’t let anyone log in?
    We are working on getting the fall assignments into the Roompact system – our next email will include Roompact access information – stay tuned. We thank you for your patience!
  • Can you explain what Roompact is?
    Roompact is where residents will do their room inspections/ damage forms when moving in and out. Residents can access various forms such as room change requests, contract breaks, mail forwarding addresses, and emergency contact changes. Roompact is used to communicate with residents. CM's and ARCE's send messages to residents throughout the semester.
  • Will I be charged if I get locked out of my room or lose my key?
    If you get locked out, your CM can assist you with getting back into your room. We have a 3 strike policy with 2 free lock outs per semester, with 3+ costing $25 each time.
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