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First-Generation Living Learning Program


The F1rst2Go Living Learning Program is for the 2021-22 school year only.

F1rst2Go (F2G) Living Learning Program is a residential community designed for new first-generation college students. Participants live side-by-side with other students who are the first in their families to attend college and find resources that will assist in transitioning into university life. Together, participants participate in activities that promote student success at OSU. F2G participants will strengthen self-awareness, social interaction, peer connections, academic excellence and leadership while giving back to OSU and the global community.


F2G will assist students in transitioning into college by providing resources and activities designed to create student success in the areas of academics, social engagement, and financial wellness while giving students the flexibility to pursue activities of interest.


Benefits of the F2G program are early move-in access to campus before Cowboy Welcome weeks begins, guided activities during Welcome Week, individual Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) assistance, and small-group and individual mentorship. Students are directed to study skills assistance through LASSO academic success and tutoring center or the Math Learning Success Center (MLSC). Students are also encouraged to get involved with an organization on campus as soon as possible to increase their sense of belonging.  


By the end of the F2G program, completers will:

  • Develop skills which promote academic success
  • Choose activities to increase college connections
  • Create habits necessary to be financially stable 

Requirements & Expectations

It is not required to live in Iba Hall to participate in F1rst2Go, but you must live in Iba Hall to participate in the F1rst2Go LLP. The F1rst2Go LLP will foster a diverse community by providing opportunities to strengthen self-awareness, social interactions, peer connections, academic excellences, and leadership. Participants will gain additional support to build or enhance their foundation to tackle academic, social, and financial barriers that could impede success. Accepted students work within a college-based cohort assigned to a First Year Success Campus Connection Coach and Financial Planning Coach. LLP members will engage with F1rst2Go Leaders, Residential Life Community Mentors, and have an upperclassman mentor through Mentor Collective. LLP members will receive training in academic success areas, leadership, financial literacy, and other areas. The structured programming utilizes campus resources as students build connections and gain experience working with peer and professional mentors. 


Residents are expected to engage in F1rst2Go programming by:

  • Move in a few days prior to Cowboy Welcome
  • Participate in two small group meetings per month
  • Meet with an academic success coach once a month
  • Meet with First Year Success Campus Connection Coaches and Financial Planning Coaches once a semester
  • Fulfill other program requirements
    • Join a club or organization
    • Attend F2G guest speaker event once a semester
    • Attend five on-campus activities during the fall semester
    • Register for a Mentor Collective upperclassman mentor
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