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As an associate in the OSU LEAD Living Learning Program, you will connect with other students who are passionate about positively impacting your community. OSU LEADers come together to solve issues and create something new for the OSU community. While working across differences to create positive change, you will develop skills and talents that you will use to solve problems in communities and on the job.


Incoming Students Application

Returning Students Application


  • Live with other students who want to make a change in their community,
  • Understand your personal leadership values, strength, and opportunities, and apply those to organizational and community change,
  • Work together across differences in interests, views, and cultures to co-create solutions to issues facing our community,
  • Develop skills and talents for solving problems in communities and on the job,
  • Enjoy regular visits from Pete’s Pet Posse therapy dogs,
  • Earn academic credit for OSU LEAD activities, and
  • Receive active support from tenured OSU faculty, OSU alumni, and current students committed to helping you succeed

Requirements & Expectations

  • Enroll in required coursework
  • Attend all community activities
  • Be passionate about helping your community
  • Maintain a 2.5 GPA
  • To be eligible, OSU LEADers should be first or second-year students passionate about contributing to their community.
  • As an OSU LEADer you are required to participate in all community activities, contribute to the OSU community through a group project, enroll in and complete HESA 2513 and HESA 3910, and maintain a 2.5 GPA.
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