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Oklahoma State University

Outdoor Adventure LLP

Outdoor Adventure Living Learning Program (LLP) badge

About the LLP

Outdoor Adventure Living Learning Program is dedicated to help students ‘Stay Found’. Staying found is the opposite of getting lost. When entering college, students can find it intimidating to find their center, and are faced with the challenge of building new friendships and habits. With thousands of opportunities and decisions, in a sense, it is easy to get lost. As a community the OA LLP readily provides an encouraging and healthy environment for each resident. Our programs provide the footing students need to take on this new experience of educational, personal and social learning. The OA LLP can help you stay found.


  • Students will be introduced to a variety of adventure sports and experiences; including rock climbing, biking, challenge courses
  • Students will learn technical sport specific skills in addition to learning about the locations and cultures that we recreate in
  • Promotes a culture of environmental and social awareness
  • Enables students to become involved in leadership opportunities to help facilitate outdoor experiences for other students
  • Students network with professional staff and advisors

Requirements & Expectations

Attend all community programs.