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Common Areas


All halls have common areas like dens, study lounges and other spaces perfect for hanging out. That furniture is for the residents of the specific house/floor and can’t be removed from the common area to the resident’s rooms.



Housing and Residential Life provides community kitchens in many halls. As a resident, you are responsible for keeping the kitchen clean and ready to use. 


Keep the following rules in mind:

  • Wash dishes after use.
  • Put food away to reduce pests and odor.
  • Write your name on food items placed in the refrigerator or kitchen area.
  • Be sure to check items in the community refrigerators before leaving on breaks. 
  • ABM Services will clean the kitchen if all personal items are stored properly. They will not remove any food or personal items (pots, pans, silverware, etc.) from the kitchen area, 



Laundry facilities are provided in all residence hall environments. These facilities are free of charge and are provided for residents only. The university is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items. Report machine issues to the Facilities Office or visit the Service Desk. 



Housing and Residential Life offers a variety of recreation opportunities around the facilities and grounds.


  • Sand Volleyball (Bennett, Griffith Community Center, Kamm/Peterson-Friend (KPF), Stout, and Village)
  • Basketball (Griffith Community Center, Morrison, Bennett, KPF, Patchin, and Village)
  • Lawn (Wentz)
  • Putting Green (Village)
  • Pool/Ping Pong Tables (various buildings)
  • BBQ Grills (Bennett, Griffith Community Center, KPF, Stout)


Vending Machines

Oklahoma State University offers a variety of beverage and snack options in vending machines in Housing and Residential Life facilities. If you have a problem with a vending machine, contact the designated service provider found on the machine.

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