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This is your OSU home, and we want you to create a comfortable and personal space. Here are some guidelines to do that safely and without causing damage.

  • You are not allowed to alter any part of your assigned housing. This includes, but is not limited to: painting walls, floors or furniture; installing tiles on the floor, installing removeable or temporary wallpaper to any surface.
  • You many hang items on the wall with push pins and Commons Strips, but DO NOT REMOVE THE COMMAND STRIPS. This can cause damage, and you will be charged accordingly. Please leave them in place when you vacate your living space.
  • Residents are permitted to bring area rugs. Curtain rods are not provided and are not permitted to be drilled, nailed, or affixed to the wall/window. Please use a café curtain rod or tension rod if you wish to have curtains. Each window is equipped with blinds.
  • For the safety of the community, live trees, live cut greenery, or seasonal vegetation (i.e. pumpkins, gourds, etc.) are not permitted. Lighting/wiring may not stretch across doorways or across common areas, and decorative lighting must be turned off when unattended. Use of paint or material that will result in permanent changes to the room/suite/apartment or common area(s) are strictly prohibited.
  • Decorations may not cover more than 1/3 (33%) of main door and surface area, be three dimensional, nor obstruct the peep hole or the room number.
  • Decorations may not be visible through the window from the outside. No items may be hung or placed within 18 inches of a fire sprinkler head. Nailing or using tacks to hang decorations in residential units is not allowed. Damage caused using these will be assessed to resident at check-out.

Decorations deemed unsafe by Housing and Residential Life may be removed.

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