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Oklahoma State University

Housing Contract Renewal

Priority Sign-up

It's Renewal Time

Beginning February 6th - Don't Blow Your Chance to Win Prizes because it is 2017 On-Campus Housing Renewal time (photo of OSU students blowing bubbles everywhere)

Don’t Blow Your Chance: On Campus Housing Renewal!


On-Campus Housing Renewal is the chance for on-campus residents to pick their exact room, hall, and roommate(s) for next fall (2017). The process for 2017 will begin on Monday, February 6, 2017, and it takes just TWO EASY STEPS!

Renewal Steps

Please go online to, click on the Apply Now button at the top of the page, and complete your 2017-2018 housing application. This will ensure that you will receive a timeslot to select your room for next year. After you have completed your application, you will receive a message to your okstate email address on February 3 with your timeslot. These timeslots are based on a formulation of priority including years in the halls, classification, even GPA. To receive your highest priority, you should sign up as close to this time slot as possible. However, if you miss your time slot, you can still sign up any time after your time slot has opened.


Choose a housing space for next year, and pick the appropriate time to sign up according to the schedule listed below.  


Housing and Residential Life is offering some exciting incentives* to residents who renew their contract:

  • FREE PARKING PERMIT to anyone who selects a single student housing apartment!
  • Grand Prize: One winner will receive FREE TUITION AND HOUSING for the 2017-2018 academic year!
  • 1st Prize: One winner will receive FREE HOUSING + $1,000 MEAL PLAN FOR THE 2017-2018 academic year!
  • 2nd Prize: Five people will receive FREE HOUSING for the fall 2017 semester!
  • We are also giving away 20 APPLE WATCHES and 20 $100 MEAL PLANS to lucky winners selected at random from returning students!
  • All who sign up to return will receive a 20 OZ. STAINLESS TUMBLER and get $.99 refills at University Dining locations.
  • University Commons: we are pleased to let you know that the rate for next year will drop to $2,850 (compared to $3,040 this year).
  • University Commons residents will also receive a $200 rent credit to apply to this semester if they select to return for Fall 2017!


If you have any questions, please ask any Residential Life staff member. Again, thank you for choosing to live on campus!

OSU Housing and Residential Life


Renew Your Current Bedspace/Room
Week 1: Monday, February 6--9

This is the time that you will go online and let us know that you want to continue to live in your same room or unit. We will email you a time slot. This time slot is just to help us spread everyone out so that our servers don't crash. You will not be able to select your room until that time, but you can select it at any point after that time. Your room is safe during this week, but don't wait until after February 6. Any time after Feb. 6 your room is fair game. You can also go online and complete all of the steps ahead of time, and when your time comes you can then select your room.

You can also select your roommate(s) ahead of time in the Roommate Manage function. You can either add your known roommate(s) or search for a roommate. Just be sure that you and your chosen roommate(s) are “confirmed” in the system. This is the language that the system uses to ensure that all roommate requests are mutual. You can do all of this ahead of time (which we recommend), and then select your room once your time slot opens.

Renew a Bedspace in Your Same Hall
Week 2: Monday, February 13-16

These are the days to sign up if you want to live in a room/bed space in the same hall. Once again, we will send you an email with a time slot. This time slot is based on a series of priority rankings. To receive your highest priority, you should sign up as close to your time slot as possible. However, you can sign up any time after your time slot has opened. If you signed up during the first week, and you want to try for another room during this week, you will need to cancel your first reservation and sign up again. The system will only allow you to have one reservation at a time. Remember, you can complete most of the process ahead of time, including confirming your roommates.

Renew a Bedspace in Any Hall
Weeks 3: February 20-24

These are the days you can sign up for a bed space in any available bed space in any hall. Any rooms that have not been assigned as a result of the first two weeks of the process will be available for renewal. Again, you will be sent a time slot and it will be based on priority. Just like last week, if you signed up for a space before and you want to try for a new space, you will have to cancel your previous reservation. As with the other steps, you can get a head start by completing the steps ahead of time including confirming your roommates.

Living Learning Programs:  Rooms in the Living Learning Programs will only be online the first week so that you can choose your same room.  The second week LLPs will be taken off line to ensure that there are spaces for the incoming freshman class and upper-class students of that major or interest. However, if you would like to move to one of the many LLPs please go to the Housing and Residential Life Office in Iba Hall and one of the helpful employees will assist you in completing your contract. They are open Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm.


The Fine Print

DEADLINE: To retain your priority as a returning student, you should pick a room during the On-Campus Housing Renewal during the month of February. If you choose a room after the process is complete, you will lose priority and enter the room selection process with incoming freshmen. Returning students must choose a room by Friday, May 12, 2017  (the last day of the spring semester) to ensure a bed space for the Fall 2017 semester. After May 12, returning students will only be allowed to choose a room if space is available. OSU does guarantee housing for freshmen.

CANCELLATION FEES: There is no fee for choosing a housing assignment during the priority process. However, due to the expected increase in demand for housing space, all priority cancellations will be subject to a minimum of $250 in cancellation fees. You should select a room for next year ONLY if you are certain you will live on campus again. Any current resident who cancels after selecting a room in the process will forfeit their original $150 deposit and be subject to an additional cancellation fee of $100. After August 1, all cancellations will be subject to an additional $250 late cancellation fee.

*INCENTIVES: The free tuition is for in-state tuition only, block rate, no fees – approximately a $16,000 value. Winners of the prizes must return to campus housing to claim their benefit (exception is the 20 oz. Stainless Tumbler). If a resident leaves campus housing before the end of the 2017-2018 academic year, the resident will be charged a penalty. This would be the value of the incentive minus a prorated amount based on the time lived on campus. The penalty would be charged to the resident’s bursar account. 

Don't miss out on your FREE OSU tumbler, renew your housing contract now!

Photo of stainless steal OSU Residential Life tumbler mug with clear lid.