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Transfers Process for Students

Transfer students have many options when it comes to choosing a place to live on-campus. Use the Housing Finder to find the right place for you:


Hall Finder

Transfer Process for Students


If you are a freshman, then you have many options to choose from because you qualify to live in one of nineteen on-campus residence halls. There are many living learning communities to consider as well as if you want a private room or if you will share your space with a roommate.


If you are a sophomore or above then you can live in any of our 32 residence halls which feature four distinct types of living styles: traditional halls, suites, deluxe suites, and apartments.


If you are a single junior, senior, or graduate student, then you may qualify to live in our Family and Graduate Student Housing neighborhoods. There are over 550 apartments in six neighborhoods that provide a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for families and older students alike.


Family means many things at OSU. It may mean that you are a single parent. It may mean that you are a husband and wife. It may mean that you are a family unit with children and maybe even extended family members. It may mean that you live with your sister or brother. We have accommodations for you all at OSU, and we welcome you all to Family and Graduate Student Housing!

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