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Oklahoma State University

Community Development

The Community Development area at the Family Resource Center (FRC) is committed to providing fun and educational activities for adults living in the Family and Graduate Student Housing (FGSH) community. Our programs are open to anyone who lives in FGSH this includes single students, families, students' spouses/family members, undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and staff. Community Development programs at the FRC consist of a range of social and educational programs including English classes, cooking demonstrations, arts and crafts, discussion groups, diversity/culture-sharing activities, book clubs, personal wellness classes, and more! In addition to providing daily classes to the adults in our community, we also provide a variety of special programs, such as Women's Night and Focus Nights. These programs provide our residents with great opportunities to meet their neighbors and learn about other cultures and countries.
The CD area at the FRC is proud of our diverse and highly-trained staff. Our staff members are all pursuing degrees in fields related to the classes and programs they lead, and several of our staff members and volunteers are current or former FGSH residents who have first-hand experience related to many issues that face both our domestic and international residents. Staff members work hard to develop engaging, interesting lesson plans and activities for our programs, as well as assist all residents with their adjustment to the university and Stillwater community. Please feel free to stop by the FRC to meet our staff or ask for assistance with any issue or concern you may be facing.

Examples of classes offered:

  • English Classes
  • Cooking Demonstration
  • Craft Class
  • Couples Night
  • Women's Night
  • Focus Night
  • Other Language Classes
  • Childcare Policy