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Living on campus can come with a lot of questions but don't worry we have you covered. 


Download the HRL Community Standards Handbook for more detailed information.

Registering for Housing


  • How do I begin the process to live in the resident halls? 
    Begin with the Online Registration page and follow the instructions. Be sure to browse the Housing Options page too.
  • Can you explain the process for roommate groups?

    Room selection:

      • Filter by:
        • Room style
        • Building
        • Select all
    • On the right side of the screen will be all the rooms, suites, deluxe suites and apartments available.
      • Select an option. It will tell you how many spaces are available. For example: A four-bedroom suite have three spaces available, it will say “3 spaces available.”
      • Select the space you want.
      • If you are the leader of a group, you will be able to assign each of your roommates in the rest of the spaces. Note that you need to select a suite or apartment with enough spaces available for the size of your group.
      • After assigning your self and your roommates, click continue.
      • Confirm your room selection.
      • You will  be able to see the room you selected and the names and contact information of each of your roommates.


Before Moving In



Campus Breaks

  • Do I have to go home during breaks? 
    You are welcome to stay in your space during all breaks. However, you must submit < insert name/URL of form >  if you plan to remain on campus. 


ESAs/Service Animals/Pets


Halls, Rooms and Community Space


Student Accessibility Services


Moving In



Getting Settled


  • Can you explain what Roompact is? is where residents will do their room inspections/ damage forms when moving in and out. Residents can access various forms such as room change requests, contract breaks, mail forwarding addresses, and emergency contact changes. Roompact is used to communicate with residents. 


Roommates & Room Assignments




Service Desks/Mailing/Addresses

  • What is my mailing address?

    First Name Last Name 

    Oklahoma State University 

    Building Name Room Number 

    Stillwater, OK, 74077 


    Questions concerning packages, letter mail, or why your package hasn’t arrived can be found at University Mailing Services. 

  • How do I send/receive my mail and packages? 
    All mail goes through University Mailing Services. They deliver to the front desk that correlates with your building. You will get an email when you have a package waiting. For more information, visit Mail Services.
  • How do I know which desk services my hall? 

    [Insert list of desk locations? / Phone numbers]  

    Griffith Desk (405-744-1534) – Morsani-Smith, Booker, Stinchcomb, Sitlington, Zink, Allen, Davis, Bost, Young, McPherson, Payne-Ellis, Carreker East and West 

    West University Commons- North, South and West University Commons 

    Wentz Desk (405-744-5017) – Wentz, Parker, Patchin-Jones 

    Stout Desk (405-744-3400) – Stout 

    Village A Desk (405-744-3038) – Iba, Village A, B, C, D, E, and F 

    KPF Desk (405-744-4662) – Kamm, Peterson, and Friend 

    Bennett Desk (405-744-5602) – Bennett 






Selected Staff Positions in Housing

  • Who are the ResLife Ambassadors?
    The ambassadors are our friendly student staff who answer phones and greet you when you visit the Iba office. The ambassadors are essential to our day-to-day operations and can offer insight into campus life. 
  • Who are the Community Mentors (CM)? 
    Community Mentors (traditionally called residential assistants (RA) live in your halls and can help you with any issues you might have. Stop by their rooms to ask for advice or just to talk. Their rooms are labeled. You can also contact the CM on-call. 
  • Who are the RCEs and the ARCEs? 
    RCEs are the Residential Community Educators, while the ARCEs are Assistant Residential Community Educators. RCEs supervise hall staff and operations, and available to assist you. ARCE’s are graduate students who assist our professional staff.  


Moving Out



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