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Room Consolidation: During the semester, if a resident moves out of a double room and the remaining resident is not assigned a roommate; the remaining resident may be asked to select one of the following options:

  • Elect to pay the single room rate and retain the room privately. This option is available only when space is available. Single room rates will be calculated on the remaining pro-rated portion of the contract.
  • Choose to move into another half-filled room in the community.
  • Find another resident in a half-filled room who is willing to move into the current resident’s room.
  • Remain in the room and be prepared to accept a new roommate at any time.


This consolidation policy does not require an individual to move out of their community, but rather could require residents to pay for a single room or consolidate with another individual who is living singly in a double occupancy room. If more than one resident in the same community is without a roommate, the individual who paid his or her housing contract last may be the one to move.

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