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Cable TV and Streaming

Streaming Cable

In addition to the traditional cable network, we now also offer Apogee's Streaming Cable Service (Stream2). This service will allow you to stream live TV to your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. Each Resident is also granted 20 hours of cloud DVR to record their favorite shows. Access to this service is granted after you are checked into your space and may take a few days to go into effect.


To access Stream2 on the web:

Stream2 Web Player


To access Stream2 from an iOS or Android Device, download the Stream2 app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Stream2 - Apple App Store

Stream2 - Google Play Store


You will not need to create a Stream2 account, simply select Oklahoma State University as your institution and use your OKEY credentials to log in. Stream2 will only function while connected to the internet from an on campus, residential space.  It is not available for use in General University buildings or off-campus.  A list of compatible devices and instructions on how to connect to this service from various devices can be found here:  

Stream2 Knowledge Base and FAQ's

Traditional Cable

OSU provides expanded basic cable television in our Residence Halls and Apartments. The signal is digital and requires a QAM tuner.  Most (but not all) televisions manufactured after 2006 include a tuner that supports both ATSC and QAM.


If your television only has an analog tuner or does not support QAM, you may need a digital converter (DTA) that supports QAM to view programming on the cable network. After connecting your television to the Coax cable outlet with an RG6 cable, ensure that the Antenna type is set to "Cable" and not "Over-the-Air/Antenna" in your television's setup menu, then scan for channels.

OSU View

The OSU View Channel is available through Traditional Cable (Channel 3.1), on  Stream2, and on the Web. This channel will cycle through listings for upcoming events, important information, and social media posts from across the University. If you're looking for a way to get involved on Campus or just looking for something to do, OSU View may have just what you need. You can also visit the OSU View content page to find it quickly. Additional information for headlines scrolling in the bottom ticker can be obtained at

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