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Wi-Fi and Internet

OSU Housing and Residential Life is partnered with Apogee to deliver home experience Wi-Fi in all residence halls and apartments. Previously, there were a lot of devices that would not work on campus Wi-Fi due to the Enterprise focus. You can now connect to virtually any Wi-Fi device that you can connect to at home.

How To Connect - Basics


1) Log into the OKState Apogee Wi-Fi portal from a computer or smartphone that has internet, create your account and get your Wi-Fi PSK Key. You can even do this before you get to campus.


2) Once in a residence hall or apartment, select the MyResNet-5G or MyResNet-2G Wi-Fi network on each of your devices and enter your PSK Key.

If you don't have a computer or smartphone with internet

Select the MyResNet Start Here Wi-Fi Network from a smartphone or computer.
This is a captive portal that will take you directly to the OkState Apogee Wi-Fi page to sign up and get your PSK Key. Once you have your key, forget this "Start Here" network.


Not every room will have an available ethernet port.  Do not unplug a Wi-Fi Access point in order to plug in your device.  These ports are configured specifically for the Access Points and will not function with personal devices.


As long as there is an open orange ethernet jack, residents may use a Cat5e or Cat6 ethernet cable to plug in a wired device.

  • If your wired device has a web browser, you will be taken to the Wi-Fi captive portal to log in, which will automatically register your device.
  • If your device does not have a web browser or if auto-registration fails, you will need to pre-register the device.
      • Log into
      • Click add device
      • Type in the requested information including the device's MAC address.
      • Once it is registered to your account, you can plug it into ethernet.


Certain internal campus resources might require OSU's VPN in order to access them while connected to MyResNet:


Most campus systems that require you to log in with your O-Key credentials require duo multi-factor authentication (MFA):

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