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College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology (CEAT)

First-year students majoring in the College of Engineering, Architecture, and Technology (CEAT) can take advantage of our dedicated Living Learning Program in Parker Hall. The recently renovated residence hall features traditional-style living with specialized services and programs, such as mentoring with upperclassmen (known as PEATEs), free on-site tutoring, and regular interaction with CEAT faculty and staff through socials and presentations.  


Incoming Students Application


Living Styles

The College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology's (CEAT’s) Living Learning Program was designed to offer several different living styles within the building. Students have the ability to choose between single-gender or mixed gender floors.


2nd Floor – Women Only

This floor was originally created to build a community where women feel more comfortable in engineering classes and develop important relationships with peers. You might hear it referred to as Maude’s Squad—named for Maude Spears, the first woman to receive a degree in engineering from Oklahoma A&M College.


3rd Floor – Co-Educational with a diversity, equity, and inclusion focus
The Diversity Engineering Floor (DEF) was created to build an inclusive community where students feel more comfortable in engineering classes and develop valuable relationships with peers. The DEF floor was designed with all students in mind and will provide unique resources and programming for CEAT students.  The DEF floor is a great way to instantly get plugged in to the OSU CEAT community, as well as help enrich your academic experience.


4th Floor – Co-Educational


5th Floor – Men Only


(Floors will reflect the above format beginning in the 2023-2024 school year.)


  • Living in a community of students focused on careers in Engineering, Architecture, and Technology

  • Quiet study area - an extension of the CEAT Student Excellence Center with the necessary tools to help our students succeed (printers, 3D printers marker boards etc.)

  • Free on-site tutoring facilitated by the CEAT Tutors

  • Career coaching with CEAT Career Services

  • Mentoring with CEAT upperclassmen, otherwise known as PEATEs

  • Special programming including informal interactions with CEAT faculty and staff

  • Industry tours and presentations

Requirements & Expectations

Student Admitted Directly to CEAT

Priority for living in the CEAT Parker Hall LLP is given to CEAT first-year students who combine the LLP experience with the CEAT Summer Bridge Program.


Pre-CEAT Students

First-year Pre-CEAT students can take advantage of CEAT’s Living Learning Program in Parker Hall if they apply and are accepted to the 2023 Summer Bridge Program. Pre-CEAT students are unable to live in the LLP if they do not participate, and complete, the Summer Bridge Program.

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