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The EcoHouse Living Learning Program is open to residents of any major who want to explore strategies for sustainable living. Living at EcoHouse, you'll learn about balancing resources with good stewardship of the environment, our communities, and the economy. EcoHouse will empower you to make positive change, applying your knowledge and experience to solve local sustainability challenges on campus or in the community. Together with like-minded peers, you'll participate in activities such as cooking with local foods, restoring watersheds, gardening or fixing bicycles.


Incoming Students Application

Returning Students Application


  • Connect with like-minded peers interested in sustainability
  • Develop world-changing leadership skills
  • Broaden knowledge of good stewardship principles and practices
  • Participate in place-based workshops and outdoor excursions
  • Interact in a casual setting with faculty experts committed to sustainability
  • Receive career coaching and mentoring to work on sustainability-related projects
  • Collaborate with community partners

Requirements & Expectations

Residents are expected to participate in an EcoHouse orientation event (fall semester), closing activity (spring semester), and 75% of other scheduled programming, including applying for the Green Student Initiative for a campus project. Residents will regularly contribute to the EcoHouse blog, interact with an EcoHouse mentor. All students with an interest in sustainable living are eligible to apply.

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