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Media House

The Media House Living Learning Program, sponsored by the School of Media & Strategic Communications, fosters an engaging environment of learning and success among students majoring in Multimedia Journalism, Sports Media, and Strategic Communications, and it will prepare you for a career as a media professional. SMSC faculty and advisers will be involved with you both in and out of the classroom. Media House is located on the first floor of Village D (previously located on the third floor of Village C), which is next to the Colvin Center—OSU’s nationally recognized premier fitness facility.


Incoming Students Application

Returning Students Application



  • Provides students with insight into media programs
  • Enables students to become involved in student media and SMSC clubs and organizations
  • Fosters an environment for incoming students to establish relationships with upper-class students
  • Allows students to network with faculty and advisers

Requirements & Expectations

25 of our 40 spots are reserved for freshmen. Freshmen in the community will take their first-year seminar (A&S 1111) and Media in a Diverse Society (MC 1143) together in their first semester. If you are a student in the School of Media and Strategic Communications, you are eligible for this LLP.

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