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Media House

The Media House Living Learning Program, sponsored by the School of Media & Strategic Communications, fosters an engaging environment of learning and success among students majoring in Multimedia Journalism, Sports Media, and Strategic Communications, and it will prepare you for a career as a media professional. SMSC faculty and advisers will be involved with you both in and out of the classroom. Media House is located on the third floor of Village Hall C, which is next to the Colvin Center—OSU’s nationally recognized premier fitness facility.


Incoming Students Application

Returning Students Application



  • Provides students with insight into media programs
  • Enables students to become involved in student media and SMSC clubs and organizations
  • Fosters an environment for incoming students to establish relationships with upper-class students
  • Allows students to network with faculty and advisers

Requirements & Expectations

25 of our 40 spots are reserved for freshmen. Freshmen in the community will take their first-year seminar (A&S 1111) and Media in a Diverse Society (MC 1143) together in their first semester. If you are a student in the School of Media and Strategic Communications, you are eligible for this LLP.

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