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Residential life

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Psychology House

Psychology House is sponsored by the Department of Psychology and is one of the College of Arts and Sciences Residential Living Learning Programs. You will live with other students majoring in Psychology. The opportunity to live with other students majoring in Psychology will help you better engage with fundamental department ideas, including curiosity, the scientific method, ethics, mental health, diversity, and teamwork.  Residents will also have the opportunity to engage in academic, extracurricular, professional, social, and service activities with faculty, staff, and other students in the Department of Psychology.


Incoming Students Application

Psychology House Information


  • Demonstrate an understanding of the scientific method with real-world applications
  • Develop curiosity about their peers and the world around them
  • Exhibit integrity and honesty in their academic and personal lives
  • Practice positive mental health habits, including mindfulness and meditation
  • Value diversity and engage in supporting a diverse community
  • Support teamwork and working collaboratively together in group harmony

Requirements and Expectations

Students in this community are expected to attend programming and meetings as a part of their community. There is a $50 program cost required for participants. New students in the Department of Psychology are eligible for this LLP.

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