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Spears Business

The Spears Business Living Learning Program, located in Villages E & F, is designed to focus on the holistic development of each resident by helping you build a strong community with fellow Spears students. Our community is ideal for you if you are business-minded, civically engaged, and want to connect with your peers.


You will be able to engage in professional development and networking opportunities, learn about and utilize Spears Business resources, interact with Spears Business faculty and staff through various programs and social events, and develop the skills you will need to become a successful leader. 


Incoming Students Application


  • Two private study rooms
  • Free computer and printer access
  • Additional television in the lounges
  • Active Faculty Associates who invest in your education
  • Free office supplies
  • Reserved Freshman Orientation class

Requirements & Expectations

Each student is expected to maintain a 2.5 GPA, attend all faculty-associate programs each semester and actively participate in floor events with the rest of the community. Only incoming students in the Spears Business School are eligible for this LLP.

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