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The CEHS Program for Learning, Adjustment and Connection Excellence (PLACE) is a living-learning program for students with a declared major in the College of Education and Human Sciences and who may benefit from additional support to make the most of their college experience. In CEHS PLACE, you can expect an energetic community that focuses on providing you with the resources and support to be successful in college and beyond. A focus is placed on developing positive academic and life management habits, cultivating personal and professional growth, facilitating positive faculty relationships, engaging in community activities and service, and promoting overall well-being. CEHS PLACE helps you find your place in your new OSU community.


As a member of CEHS PLACE, you will:

  • Learn about yourself as a student, community member, and an emerging professional, while also developing valuable life skills.

  • Adjust to life as an OSU student with the support of peer mentorship, interactions with faculty outside of the classroom, and engagement with college, campus, and community activities, services and resources.

  • Connect with fellow community members, peers and others though a ready-made support system! Everyone in CEHS PLACE has a small group community led by a peer mentor, whom you can always count on for help and who will help connect you to extended community members.


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  • Create instant connections and friendships within your major and academic college

  • Gain knowledge from caring student leaders and experienced faculty

  • Easily form study groups for your core classes

  • Achieve a higher GPA than the average freshman on our campus

  • Learn college tips and tricks from Ambassador peer mentors living on your floor

  • Have the chance to achieve an academic scholarship by achieving or exceeding program member expectations.

Requirements and Expectations

As a member of CEHS PLACE, you are asked to make a priority of activities that help you on your journey to Learn, Adjust, and Connect at OSU and in the College of Education and Human Sciences. There is a $30 participation fee assessed to all CEHS PLACE members to support programming. This fee is collected during the fall semester. First-time, first-year students in the College of Education and Human Sciences are eligible for this program

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