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Apartment Assistants

Each of the seven FGSH neighborhoods has an Apartment Assistants, or AA. AA's are responsible for providing services to help all FGSH residents adjust to a new environment, enhance their academic experiences, and encourage residents to take advantage of the cultural diversity that exists at OSU. Each AA is a liaison between the FGSH residents and the FGSH and FRC administration.
AA's are responsible for handling a variety of concerns, such as helping residents negotiate loud neighbors or giving simple directions to the grocery store. Further, AA's also organize monthly neighborhood parties to help all residents get to know their neighbors and adjust to academic life. Each neighborhood AA publishes and delivers a short newsletter each month specifically for their respective neighborhoods so that residents are aware of what is happening in their particular areas. Residents can look for the AA newsletters to arrive around the 15th or 20th of each month, while the FRC monthly publication, the Newsline, should arrive around the first of every month.

Apartment Assistants

Contact Information (per Neighborhood)

West Neighborhood

TBA, Bldg. #, Apt. #


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