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Residential life

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Drugs are prohibited in all of our communities. Housing and Residential Life supports drug-free environments to help ensure comfortable, safe and successful communities. The following are prohibited:

  • Acting or intending to act to illegally use, possess, sell, share, distribute, cultivate, manufacture.
  • Being under the influence of any state or federally controlled drug or substance.
    Possessing drug paraphernalia.
  • Inhaling or ingesting any substances (e.g., nitrous oxide, glue, paint, etc.) that will alter a student’s mental state.
  • Knowingly providing a location for individuals to possess or consume drugs, or knowingly being in the presence of drugs are also prohibited.

While the use of medical marijuana has been legalized in the state of Oklahoma, federal law continues to prohibit marijuana. Therefore, the possession or use of prescribed medical marijuana is prohibited on campus property and at university-sponsored activities.


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