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Fire Safety


Fire Drills

For the protection and safety of our community, announced and unannounced fire drills will be held at the direction of the OSU Fire Marshal during the academic year. To become familiar with evacuation routes, cooperation is mandatory. Anytime the alarm sounds, residents are to leave the building. Participation in fire evacuations is required by state law.

Smoke Detectors in the halls

Fire Alarm Instructions

  1. In inclement weather, wear a coat and shoes and carry a towel.
  2. Close windows and leave lights on in the room. Take the room key.
  3. Leave the door closed and walk to the exit. If smoke is encountered, stay low for air.
  4. Do not use an elevator.
  5. Physical assistance for evacuation, call OSU Police at (405)744-6523 or 911.
  6. If unable to leave the room, place a towel under the door if smoke is either seen or smelled.
  7. Await assistance in the room or area of refuge. 
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