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Residential life

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Fire Safety

Fire Drills


For the protection and safety of our community, announced and unannounced fire drills will be held at the direction of the OSU fire marshal during the academic year. To become familiar with evacuation routes, cooperation is mandatory. Anytime the alarm sounds, residents have to leave the building. Participation in fire evacuations is required by state law.

Tampering with Fire Protection Equipment

By a mandate of the state fire marshal, an action plan has been adopted by OSU and Housing and Residential Life. Regulations are in effect regarding tampering with any fire safety equipment. This includes but is not limited to the propping of fire-resistant doors, tampering with or covering smoke detectors, tampering with sprinkler heads, fire alarms and fire extinguishers, including using fire extinguishers in nonemergency
situations. Activation of fire alarms in nonemergency situations is prohibited (cooking, vapes, pull stations, steaming clothes, and the like) and misuse of any of these will be met with a subsequent conduct case and consequences as deemed necessary by the conduct officer.


The first offense of tampering or activation will result in the resident being assessed a fine of $250. The resident will also be placed on Housing and Residential Life probation and receive an educational sanction. On the second offense, a $500 fine will be assessed; the student will be removed from housing and the contract must be paid in full; an incident report will be forwarded to OSU Police Department and Environmental Health and Safety for a code violation ticket (potential fine of $5,000 and one-year imprisonment); and student will be referred to the OSU Student Support and Conduct.


If at any time the smoke detector starts beeping periodically, it may mean that the battery is low. If this happens, call the HRL Facilities Office at 405-744-8510 and they will send someone to replace the battery. Do not replace the battery yourself.


Smoke Detectors in the halls

Fire Alarm Instructions

  1. In inclement weather, wear a coat and shoes and carry a towel.
  2. Close windows and leave lights on in the room. Take the room key.
  3. Leave the door closed and walk to the exit. If smoke is encountered, stay low for air.
  4. Do not use an elevator.
  5. Physical assistance for evacuation, call OSU Police at 405-744-6523 or 911.
  6. If unable to leave the room, place a towel under the door if smoke is either seen or smelled.
  7. Await assistance in the room or area of refuge.

Cooking Can Trigger Fire Alarms

The number one cause of fire alarms within the residence halls is for cooking. Be sure to stay with your food while you cook it, even if you are cooking in a microwave.

  • Pay attention to the timer. Are you sure you entered 3:00 minutes and not 30:00 minutes?
  • Be sure that your microwave, stove, or oven is clean and free of food debris. This can easily catch fire.
  • Follow the cooking instructions provided on food containers/cartons.

Steam Can Trigger Fire Alarms 

  • When taking a shower, be sure to turn on the exhaust fan in your bathroom. This helps disperse the steam.
  • If you live in an apartment with a range hood, be sure to operate it while you are cooking to take away the steam.
  • Use caution when using a hairdryer, curling iron, hair straightener or other similar grooming appliance. They can set off the alarms.
  • Other items such as humidifiers, coffee pots, teapots, can also expel steam that can set off an alarm.

Aerosols Can Trigger Fire Alarms

We want everyone and their living space to smell good, but spray away from the smoke detectors. 

  • Aerosols (hair/body sprays, odor-fighting products, perfumes and deodorants) can set off fire alarms if the spray mist is in the alarm's direct path.


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