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Residential life

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Guest Policy

As a resident, you are welcome to have overnight guest(s) three nights per semester, provided each roommate approves of the visit(s). Guests may not stay more than two consecutive nights. Visits of more than three nights (even with breaks in between or in three nights spent in another resident's room) are prohibited unless the assistant residential community educator (ARCE) or the residential community educator (RCE) gives permission.


You must escort your guests at all times. As a guest host, you will be held accountable and liable for any university infractions or building damage done by your guests.


Guests may not sleep in lounges or lobbies. Infringement on the rights of roommates or of other residents is prohibited. Disregarding university regulations will result in the eviction of the guests from the premises.


The maximum number of people in space at any time:

  • Traditional/single student spaces: 4 people or less, including the resident(s)
  • Suites: 6 people or less, including the resident(s)
  • Apartments: 8 people or less, including the resident(s)
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