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Courtesy Hours

24 hours a day, 7 days a week. During courtesy hours, a resident may ask another resident to reduce the noise. Noise should not be disruptively audible more than three doors down the hallway, inside and/or outside of the building. 

Quiet Hours

  • Sunday through Thursday, 10pm - 8am
  • Friday and Saturday, 11:59pm - 10am.

The Sunday before finals week, Housing and Residential Life adheres to 24-hour quiet hours for the benefit of those studying for final exams. During Quiet Hours, audible sound should not be heard beyond the boundaries of the resident’s room/unit. 


The 24-hour quiet hour period ends on Friday of finals week at 5pm. Residents are always expected to be courteous to others in their community. Compliance is necessary to ensure an environment for academic success. 

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