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Residential life

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Approved and Prohibited Personal Items

Some appliances and personal items have a higher likelihood of contributing to unsafe environments for community living. Housing and Residential Life regulates the use of these appliances to ensure the safety and security of the community.

Appliances Approved for All Residential Units

  • One refrigerator (3 amps and 5 cubic feet) per room
  • One microwave (900 watts or less) per room
  • Single-serve coffee makers (such as a Keurig)
  • Other cooking appliances may be used in kitchen areas.

If you need to use an electrical extension cord, it must be 14 gauge or heavier. Extension cords must not be affixed to walls, placed under rugs or beds, strung on pipes, etc. Inspect your extension cords and appliance cords for fraying, cracks or other defects. Overloading an electric circuit with too many appliances can cause problems.


Micro-fridges Rentals

Appliances Prohibited in Traditional Units/Suites/Deluxe Suites 

This list includes but is not limited to the following: Open-fire and open-coil cooking appliances, electric griddles, toaster ovens, air fryers, crock pots, Instapots, drip coffee makers, and indoor electric grills (such as George Foreman Grills).  

Appliances Prohibited in All Residence Halls

We’ve compiled a list of items that are prohibited in all residence halls. This list includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Air conditioners
  • Portable washing machines, dryers, dishwashers and heaters
  • Large amplifiers (public address system, oversize stereo, acoustic or electric musical instrument and percussion instruments)
  • Halogen/lava lamps
  • Ring doorbells or other electronic devices that photograph, videotape, film, digitally record, or by any other means, to secretly view another person without that person’s consent in any location is not allowed. 

Prohibited Personal Items

Candles and Incense

Burning candles, incense, kerosene lamps and other flammable liquid-fueled devices are prohibited in residence halls. Decorative candles must be wickless or have non-burned or clipped wicks. Wax-warmer air fresheners that are heated by a light bulb are approved; however, candle warmers that have hotplate areas are prohibited. 

Electric Scooters/Personal Electric Vehicles

Personal electric vehicles (scooters) shall not be used, possessed, charged and/or stored in any campus housing unless they bear the seal of an independent testing laboratory accredited by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). 


Other electric vehicles, which include but are not limited to one-wheels and drones, are prohibited in residence halls and on the grounds. It is prohibited to store such vehicles inside the premises, on patios/balconies, stairwells, landings, breezeways and walkways.


This rule does not apply to  ADA-approved equipment.


Fireworks, Explosives and Flammable Liquids

Under state and federal law, fireworks, explosives and flammable liquids (such as gasoline, propane, lighter fluid, etc.) are prohibited in residence halls and on the grounds.  


Network Devices

To protect the data communications network, all devices other than computers, servers and workstations must not be plugged into any network port. This includes but is not limited to hubs, switches, repeaters, routers, network modems and wireless access points. These devices may be incorrectly configured or incompatible with the OSU Network causing outages and reliability problems to all or part of the network. 

Portable Outdoor Grills 

Portable outdoor grills (charcoal, lighter fluid or propane gas, etc.) are prohibited in the residence halls and on its grounds. There are some permanently mounted grills located throughout campus that may be used for outdoor grilling upon request.


Weapons are not allowed in residence halls or on the grounds. Housing and Residential Life, OSU Police, and state authorities can determine what qualifies as a weapon and can ask that it be removed from the premises. Weapons include but are not limited to BB guns, paintball guns, knives, swords, crossbows, archery bows, handguns, shotguns, rifles, ammunition, and common items that can be used in a threatening manner.


If you possess a gun, you may store it with OSU Police Department free of charge. 


Disciplinary action may also be taken. OSU Policy and Procedures Letter 1-1301





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