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Residential life

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Trash and Recycling

As a resident, you are required to keep the living space in the community clean and free from waste. Trash, food containers and unsanitary situations can attract pests and create unpleasant living situations for the community.


You are required to transport personal trash to the nearest dumpster. Trash must not be stored in excess within your room/unit.


Trash or recyclables left in breezeways, hallways, balconies, lobbies, lounges and anywhere outside of your room/unit will be charged $25 per bag.

ResLife Recycling

The ResLife Recycles program is available for campus residences.


Common Areas. Recycle bins in lounges and reception desks accept paper, cardboard, and rinsed tin, aluminum cans, and plastic containers that are generated in those common areas.

Your Area. Take recyclables generated in your personal space to a blue single-stream recycle dumpster downstairs. Return plastic bags to supermarkets or green octagon-shaped bins in Stout


ResLife Recycles

OSU Recycles

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