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Check-in Locations for Move-in

Please see your hall check-in locations listed below, here you will be allocated your keys and helpful information for move-in: 


Allen Hall 1st floor lounge
Bennett Hall 1st floor living room
Booker Hall 1st floor lounge
Bost Hall  Griffith Community Center
Carreker East & West Halls Griffith Community Center
Davis Hall Griffith Community Center
Iba Hall 1st floor lounge
Jones Hall 1st floor lounge
Kamm Hall Patillo's Community Center
McPherson Hall Griffith Community Center
Morsani-Smith Halls Griffith Community Center
Parker Hall 1st floor lounge
Patchin Hall 1st floor lounge
Payne-Ellis Halls Griffith Community Center
Peterson-Friend Halls Pattillo's Community Center
Sitlington Hall Griffith Community Center
Stinchcomb Hall 1st floor lounge
Stout Hall 1st floor lounge
University Commons Halls 1st floor lounges
Village CASNR Hall Village C Front Desk
Village HES/B Hall Village E Front Desk
Village C Hall Village C Front Desk
Village D Hall Village C Front Desk
Village E Hall Village E Front Desk
Village F Hall Village E Front Desk
Village FIT/CASNR Hall 1st floor lounge
Wentz Hall 1st floor lounge
Young Hall Griffith Community Center
Zink Hall 1st floor lounge


Move-In Maps & Loading Zones

There will be designated drop-off/loading zones near each residence hall or set of halls. Please note any one-way streets, no parking areas, and designated parking areas. If your hall is not listed, then there is not a designated one-way road or unloading zone for that area. Thanks, and safe travels!


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