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Tips for Move-in

We're looking forward to having you on campus and want to make the move-in process as simple for you as possible. Check out our tips and tricks below for helpful information in making your move-in process a breeze!

Here are some helpful hints to make your move-in day a breeze!

  • Please plan to bring no more than two people with you to move-in. We appreciate your adherence to this in order to limit large groups of people on campus at any given time.
  • Watch for signs designating specific entry and exit doors, social distancing markers, altered paths of traffic, and floor markers to designate waiting points.
  • Work Smarter Not Harder, move these things in first!
    • Rug: It is easy to put the rug down BEFORE you bring in all your things.
    • Refrigerator: this will need time to get cold, so get it plugged in early.
    • Fan: All halls are air conditioned, but increased traffic will cause the temperatures to fluctuate. The fan will make for a more comfortable unpacking experience.
    • Bed: Get your bed made first thing, to clear space for more stuff, and when you are ready to rest your bed is already made!
  • Bring Moving Tools - Plan to bring a dolly, hand truck, or collapsible cart to assist in your move. Move-in volunteers and rolling carts will not be available this year, as this is another social distancing tool we are implementing to keep you and our campus community as safe as
  • Label Everything Clearly - Clothes, towels, kitchen, books etc. Put your name, residence hall and room number on your containers.
  • Bring Drinks and Snacks - Moving is hard work, so have plenty of supplies to get you through the day.
  • Dress Comfortably - It is August in Oklahoma, it is going to be hot! Wear closed-toes shoes or athletic shoes. You will be walking a great deal, climbing stairs, and balancing boxes -- not very easy in flip flops.
  • Use Bins and Totes - Be sure to label them clearly. These are easy to carry, and can be used throughout the year to store your things. If you use boxes, be sure they have handles. Don’t overload them. You may have to carry them up several flights of stairs!
  • Tape Your Drawers Shut - This saves lots of spills and clean ups!
  • Pack Your Clothes on Hangers - You can gather them in trash bags, and when you move in, the hangers go right into the closet.
  • Make it Your Own - Bring posters, Knick knacks, and novelties to make your space really feel like home. Just remember: you cannot nail into the walls. Command Strips are great – just follow the instructions and be sure to leave them in place. If you remove them and the paint/sheetrock peels, you will be charged damages.
  • Please be as efficient as possible moving your items from your vehicle to your room, and once you have everything unloaded, please close the main door to your unit to continue to practice social distancing.
  • Make sure you have renter’s insurance. Your residence hall space and belongings may be covered under your parent’s homeowners insurance, so please check. If not, we strongly encourage you to purchase a plan through your insurance agent or through University Student Services. They may be found at, and click on the OSU logo.
  • Don’t forget to take photos, have fun, and enjoy this experience! It is just the first of many great times you are going to have in the halls, and we wish you the very best this year!
  • Pack your patience, have a great time, and remember to laugh! We are all in this together!

For more information about what to bring, what to leave at home and what we provide, please review our move-in guide:

Move-in Guide

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