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Once a resident has been approved to check-out of their room, residents must schedule an appointment with their Community Mentor (CM) or another CM in the building 24 hours in advance of their departure. The CM will then go to the room with the resident, assess the condition of the room, and collect the room and mailbox keys. The CM will then instruct the student on any further procedures regarding room conditions, charges, and forwarding mail. The room must be clean to the standard it was at check-in, furniture arranged as at check-in, and all personal belongings removed. A detailed assessment of cleaning and damage charges will be made by the Residential Life Facilities Office, which could result in the adjustment of estimated charges at the time of check-out. Please note that failure to obtain approved release from Housing and Residential Life contracts will result in rent charges continuing after the resident’s date of check-out, up to and including the remaining balance of their housing contract.


Residents have 90 days from the time OSU Housing and Residential Life assesses charges to contest the charges. If a resident wishes to appeal any charges, they must submit their appeal request via email to the Housing and Residential Life Office via the Petition for Adjustment of Charges form


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