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Checkout Meeting

As a vacating resident of single student housing, you must schedule a checkout appointment with your community mentor (CM) 24 hours prior to your departure. This is typically 24 hours after your last final. Failure to attend the scheduled checkout meeting will result in an  improper checkout violation.


CM's Responsibility

  • Accompanies you to room/suite/apartment.
  • Assesses the room/suite/apartment's condition.
  • Updates the Room Condition Report that you completed at move-in.
  • Provides information concerning room conditions and estimated charges.
  • Brings paperwork for you to sign.
  • Ask you to take your room and mailbox keys to the desk.


Your Responsibility

  • Prepare room. See Move-Out Overview for details. Failure to prepare room before the checkout meeting will result in an improper checkout violation.
    • Remove personal items and clean unit to move-in standards. Return furniture to original configuration.   
    • Property Abandonment. If you leave personal belongings in your unit, Residential Life Facilities will email you and store your items for 30 days. Afterward, items will be disposed of at your expense. 
  • Room keys. The CM will ask you to turn in your keys to the desk. Afterward, you will not have access to the room/suite/apartment.
  • Forward mail. Complete forward mail forms at the desk.  
  • Obtain approved release (mid-semester checkouts only). Failure to obtain approved release from Housing and Residential Life contracts will result in rent charges continuing after your date of checkout, up to and including the remaining balance of your housing contract. 


Final Assessment of Cleaning and Damage Charges

Residential Life Facilities Office will provide a final, detailed assessment of cleaning and damage charges. This assessment may result in the adjustment of the estimated charges that the CM provided at the time of checkout. 


You have 90 days to contest OSU Housing and Residential Life charges. You must complete and submit a Petition for Adjustment of Charges (form) to initiate an appeal.

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