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Keys/Card Access

For the safety of our community, keys are only issued to a resident for access to the assigned room/unit. Residents are not permitted to lend or give their room/suite/apartment key(s) to anyone nor are they permitted to use the room/suite/ apartment key(s) of another student.


To control inventory of the keys, duplication of University keys is prohibited. University students are assigned an OSU identification (ID) card. When living in University housing, student ID cards are encoded with the ability to grant access to doors designated with card readers. The student ID card will only function for the assigned community of residence.


For the safety of our community, lending and giving ID cards to another person is prohibited. If an ID card is lost, contact ID services and notify Housing and Residential Life after receiving a new card.


Unauthorized Access 

For the safety of the community, residents are not permitted to prop open exterior doors or allow unauthorized access to individuals. Residents are not allowed on any roofs, ledges, and eaves.  

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