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Residential life

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Mail and Packages 

Housing and Residential Life offers United States Postal Service (US Mail) at each residential hall.  Click here for Family and Graduate Student Housing mail service.

  • OSU Mailing Address Format
    • For most halls, your room number and building name serve as the street address. The Morrison Neighborhood is the exception. See below.
    • The residence halls do not have true street addresses and adding one may result in mail/packages being delivered to the wrong address. 
    • Be sure to use the correct ZIP Code.

    Typical OSU Address Pattern


    Oklahoma State University

    Your Name

    Your Room Number, Hall Name

    Stillwater, OK 74077

    Oklahoma State University

    Joe Student

    100 Village C

    Stillwater, OK 74077

  • Format for McPherson, Payne Ellis and Carreker East/West

    For the Morrison Neighborhood (McPherson, Payne Ellis and Carreker East/West), use the building number with your room number.

    Building Numbers


    McPherson (245)

    245 N University Place
    APT (and room number) 
    Stillwater  OK  74075

    Payne Ellis (246)

    246 N University Place
    APT (and room number)
    Stillwater  OK  74075

    Carreker West (247)

    247 N University Place
    APT (and room number)
    Stillwater  OK  74075

    Carreker East (248)

    248 N University Place
    APT (and room number)
    Stillwater  OK  74075

  • Mailboxes
    • Mailboxes are provided for current residents for US Mail, campus mail,and approved Housing and Residential Life  distributions. Mailboxes are located at the hall's service desk or in the breezeways.
    • Residents are responsible for checking their mailboxes. 
  • Mail and Package Delivery
    • University Mailing Services receives mail and packages, which are then delivered to the residential halls for distribution. Mail is delivered to Service Desks Monday through Friday, except university breaks and holidays. However, you may pick up mail when the desks are opened.
    • Housing and Residential Life refuses to accept package(s) addressed to anyone other than the occupant of that room.
    •  OSU also offers an inter-campus mail service where you can send business-related mail anywhere on campus at no charge.
  • Forwarding Mail after Checkout

    If you complete a forward mail form when checking out of your room, your mail will be forwarded to a US address for six months.  


University Mailing Services


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