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Pets and Unapproved Animals

Residential Life allows fish, small crustaceans, mollusks, water turtles, and small amphibians, all living under water and in aquariums no larger than 10 gallons in size per Residential Life unit. Extra aquariums are permitted provided the total gallon per residential unit does not exceed 10 gallons. Pets must remain in their aquariums at all times. Animals/Pets found to cause a community disturbance will require rectification or removal. Unapproved animals/pets are not allowed in any Housing and Residential Life facility due to concerns for health, safety, sanitation, noise, and humane treatment. 


Unapproved animals/pets must be removed immediately, and the resident will face an immediate minimum fine of$500, with additional charges as needed to restore the unit to an occupiable state (as determined by Housing and Residential Life). Continued infractions will result in increased fines and possible removal from the department. Owners are responsible for removal of animal/pet waste. 


For first offense of not removing the waste, the owner/handler will be charged $25 with the amount increasing for each offense. OSU is not responsible for what happens to any animal/pet when it is removed or while it is living on OSU property. OSU is also not responsible for any injuries or damages caused by any animal/pet on campus. 


Residents who need accommodations for an emotional support/assistance animal will need to complete the Housing and Residential Life agreement form. 

Service Animal Agreement

Emotional Support Animal Agreement

Service or Support Animal FAQs

Student Accessibility Services


Service or Support Animals are welcome on Housing and Residential Life grounds. All necessary paperwork, evaluations, and authorization forms from Student Accessibility Services must be completed and approved by Residential Life prior to the animal’s arrival in the residence halls.

Pet Policy

Oklahoma State University Housing and Residential Life (HRL) recognize the important role pets play in our resident’s lives, including their positive impact on our residents' physical, mental, and social health. Beginning Academic Year 2021-2022, HRL has opted to make both Kamm Hall and Prosser Neighborhood, Pet Friendly Communities, each apartment can have one pre-approved pet.


Part of HRL’s mission is to provide safe residential communities. The following policy includes information regarding pet ownership on campus, which is supportive of the safe communities that HRL provides.  

Pet Policy

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