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Pro Tips for a Successful Move-In Day

Bonus tips for parents!

Here is a time-tested list of move-in tips from previous Cowboy residents and parents who successfully navigated this rite of passage.


    • Make lists. Make a list of what you need by category (room items, bedding, desk, etc.). Check it off as you pack and unpack. 
    • Bring drinks and snacks. Moving is hard work, so have plenty of refreshments to get you through the day.
    • Dress comfortably. It's August in Oklahoma. It's going to be hot. Wear closed-toe shoes or athletic shoes. You will be walking around, climbing stairs and balancing boxes. Avoid flip flops.
    • Cleaning supplies. Consider bringing disposable wipes, paper towels, all-purpose cleaner, trash bags and a room deodorizer. 
    • Bring a dolly and a toolbox. Plan to bring a dolly, hand truck or collapsible cart to assist in your move. You may also need screwdrivers, Allen wrenches or a hex key to assemble something.
    • Bring a permanent marker. Write your name on clothes, towels, kitchen, books, etc. Write your name, residence hall and room number on your containers.
    • Use bins and totes. Be sure to label them clearly. These are easy to carry and can be used to store your things. If you use boxes, be sure they have handles. Don’t overload them. You may have to carry them up several flights of stairs.
    • Tape your drawers shut. This saves lots of spills and clean-ups.
    • Place clothes on hangers. You can gather them in trash bags and then put the hangers right into the closet all at once.
    • Social Media. Follow Housing and Residential Life on social media: Facebook @okstatereslife  |   X @okstatereslife  |  Instagram @okstatereslife
    • Pack your patience. Have a great time and remember to laugh. We are all in this together.


Moving In

    • Bring help. Have one or two people help you move in. 
    • Follow signage. Watch for signs designating specific entry and exit doors, altered paths of traffic, and floor markers to designate waiting points.
    • Move rugs, fans and refrigerator first. 
      • Rugs. Place rugs on the floor before you bring in your things.
      • Refrigerator. Plug it in early so it's cold when you need it.
      • Fan. All halls are air-conditioned, but increased traffic can cause the temperatures to rise. A fan will make for a more comfortable unpacking experience.
    • Make your bed early. It'll clear space for more stuff, and when you are ready to rest it's already made.
    • Make your room your own. Bring posters, knick-knacks and novelties to make your space feel like home. Note: you cannot nail into the walls. Self-adhesive wall hooks (such as Command™ Brand)  are great but follow the instructions. Leave the strips in place during move-out. If you remove the strips, they may damage paint/drywall and may result in damage fees.
    • Know your students mailing address before you leave. Mail and packages must have the correct OSU address for them to be delivered properly.

Finishing Up

    • Meet your floor's community mentor (CM). CMs are available to help and have a wealth of information about living on campus.
    • Say “See you later!” Plan a time together before you leave campus. Have a meal at a local restaurant or explore campus. Campus is beautiful this time of year.
    • Enjoy. Take photos, have fun and enjoy the experience. It is just the first of many great times you will have in the halls. We wish you the very best this year.
    • Housing renewals. Keep an eye out for renewal information in December for the upcoming academic year.
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