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Move-out Guide

Time to move out? This can also be just as challenging as moving in. See these important steps below to help make your move out a breeze! 

SSH Move-out Checklist (PDF)


Families and Graduate Students Move-out process is slighlty different, so please see here for the appropriate move-out list for your residential space:

FGSH Move-out Checklist (PDF)

Step One

  • Set up a checkout appointment with your CM at least 24 hours in advance
    • If your CM is not available at your desired check out time, your CM will help to get another CM to cover the time slot you are requesting or you will just have to pick a different time 
  • Failure to sign up 24 hours in advance will result in an improper check out fee 
  • Sign up for an appointment that you know you will be able to keep and be sure to have all of your belongings completely moved out and your space/suite cleaned by that appointment time 
  • If something comes up and you cannot make your appointment, please let you CM know as soon as possible 
  • Missing your schedules checkout, failing to be ready by your appointment, or failing to notify your CM 24 hours in advance will result in a fee (Improper Checkouts can accumulate) 

Step Two 

  • Upon checkout, your CM will check your room to be sure it meets our standards of cleanliness and maintenance.   
  • These standards include:
    • Move out all of your personal belongings 
      • Everything except university-issued furniture must be out of your room before your CM will check you out 
    • Clean your room 
      • Floor dusted/mopped/vacuumed (please do not throw dirt in the hallway) 
      • Take out the trash, this will save you money! 
    • Check all of your dresser and desk drawers to make sure you have everything 
    • Wipe off all surfaces 
      • Desk and dresser drawers wiped clean, bookshelf, desk and dresser tops wiped down 
      • Clean windows and mirrors 
    • Get rid of the gunk 
      • Remove all tape residue and sticky tack from furniture, walls, and windows 
      • Take contact paper off counter and bulletin boards 
    • Beds should be assembled and safely secured 
    • Move your furniture and place it in its original configuration 
      • Replace closet doors (if removed) 
    • If you do not complete this list, charges will apply 

Step Three 

  • Meet your CM at the time you signed up for 
    • Your CM will meet you at your room, so be ready! 
  • Your CM will bring all necessary paperwork 
    • Make sure you have your room key(s) and mail key 
  • CM will check the room for cleanliness/damages and will assign charges as applicable 
    • CM is responsible for charging any damages that were not indicated on the Room Condition Report (RCR) at move-in 
  • You will sign appropriate paperwork and return your keys 
  • Failure to have all items removed from the room and cleaning completed will result in an improper checkout fee 
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