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Residential life

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Faces of the Family Resource Center 

The Family Resource Center opened in July of 1998, in order to serve the residents living in Family and Graduate Student Housing. The Family Resource Center strives to maintain a “Family Friendly Environment” on the campus by providing resources to families living within Family and Graduate Student Housing.
The FRC also provide resources for all students such as young adult events, english classes, and neighborhood gatherings. On any given day the FRC welcomes over 90 children and adults that come to attend our classes and utilize our facility. 

Explore some of the faces of the FRC below

Mounika Kasaraneni, India

For Mounika, her time living in FGSH has meant building relationships with others. Her neighbors have become like family, something that is important to her as she is away from her family. “There is no other place like the FRC, which brings people from all over the world together. If you are someone like me who is curious to learn about languages, cultures, food, and festivals from countries across the world, then there is no better place than FGSH. The FRC will provide you all the opportunities to learn answers for all of your curiosities.” 

Shefali Patel, Broken Arrow, OK USA

Shefali works in our Youth and Family Programs as an ASA teacher. Her students have come to know her as both their teacher and as the class DJ. Shefali encourages her students to dance to release their energy. Her favorite memory at the FRC is when the daily class dance party turned into a class dance competition!

Elissa Miller, Murphy, TX USA

Elissa works in our Youth and Family Programs department teaching in both the Energize and ASA programs. Elissa does an amazing job at planning creative and fun lesson plans for her students! During her time at the FRC Elissa has “continued to learn patience, gentleness, and to remember to see every child as an individual.” Elissa enjoys getting to connect with her students by engaging in conversations and through making jokes. 

Bailey Winters, Tulsa, OK USA

Bailey serves as our Youth and Family Programs Assistant Residential Community Educator. Her time at the FRC has included working in many different capacities at the FRC. If you know Bailey, you know that she is quick to offer her assistance, a smile, and a word of encouragement.
When asked why she likes working at the FRC, Bailey said, “I love working at the FRC because I get to meet the most amazing people from all over the world that teach me so much about life. Every day is different and never boring!”

Kaitlyn Barnett, Edmond, OK USA

Kaitlyn is one of our Community Development Assistants that teaches adult English classes. If you know Kaitlyn then you know she is quick to smile, make friends, and laugh. While Kaitlyn does not have a single favorite memory from her time at the FRC she does know one of her favorite parts of her job. She gets to start each year with new students and watch as they grow more confident in their ability to speak English and as friendships are formed. 

Jennifer Kennedy, Amber, OK USA

Jennifer is one of our YFP teachers. She has worked with students in our Energize, KKC, and ASA programs. For her entire life Jennifer has known that she wants to work with kids, which is what originally led her to apply for a YFP position. Since working at the FRC she has been surprised by how every employee gives their work everything they’ve got in order to serve our residents. She enjoys getting to connect with our students and her coworkers. 

Sylvester Barus, Kenya

Sylvester serves as the Apartment Assistant for our Demaree Neighborhood. He applied for the AA position in order to fulfill his desires to provide resources to help FGSH residents adjust to a new environment and enhance their academic experience. Sylvester says that the FRC is a unique place because it is an interactive place where you can learn about many different cultures.

Manelic Neva Valerio, Mexico

Manelic serves as the Apartment Assistant for our Prosser Neighborhood. When asked about her favorite memories of her time at the FRC, Manelic responded, “My favorite memories are the gatherings and the time shared with the CRO staff. I have met extraordinary people, and I have learned from my leader the willingness to help others.” She is grateful for her supervisors and the time she has spent building relationships within the FGSH community. 

Paula Lor, Rose, OK USA

Paula is the Apartment Assistant for the Willams Neighborhood. Paula has only been working at the FRC for a little over a month, but she has found one main aspect of her position very rewarding. Paula has been learning how to meet the needs of our residents and is honored to be able to help others in practical ways. 

Alexis Choonghyoung Lee, South Korea

Alexis is the Apartment Assistant for the Stevens Neighborhood. Any time you see Alexis she is quick to say hello and smile! She works hard to care for and sustain our FGSH community.  Alexis says that “working at the FRC makes me feel a sense of belonging, like a family.” The support she feels from staff and residents at the FRC gives her confidence to handle whatever may come. 

Uriah Davis, Tulsa, OK USA

Uriah is the Apartment Assistant of the Brumley Neighborhood. He enjoys getting to interact with residents form other countries and desires to understand different cultures through the eyes of people. Uriah is working to complete his Master’s degree in Global Studies with a specialization in public diplomacy. 

Huan Huang (Simon), Hangzhou Zhejiang province, China

Huan was born in Hangzhou Zhejiang province, China. When he was 18, he left his hometown to further his education in Shanghai. After he graduated from University, he became a teacher at the Shanghai Business School. After working in a university for 18 years, he came to the United States to further study entrepreneurship. After listening to many courses at OSU, Simon was inspired by many things, especially the teaching methods here in the United States. The student-centered learning style allows students to participate in class and brings their creativity into the classroom.

Lauren Phipps, Anna, TX USA

Lauren’s favorite memories at the FRC revolve around watching friendships being made and seeing the children enjoying their time at the FRC. The FRC has become Lauren’s favorite place because so many different people in different life stages come together to form lifelong friendships in one place! 

Larry and Edward, China

Meet Larry and Edward, two kindergartners who became close friends at the FRC. When asked what their favorite thing about the FRC is neither could give just one answer. They both enjoy drawing, playing with Legos, and spending time in the classroom with their friends and favorite teachers. 

Haven, Texas, USA

Haven eagerly shared all her favorite things about the FRC. She enjoys getting to make food during baking club time, singing and dancing during free time, and playing with her friends. Summers at the FRC have a special place in Haven’s heart because not only does she get to participate in water Wednesday’s, but she also gets to enjoy popsicles on the porch of the FRC. 

Natalie McKinney, Duncan, OK USA

When working with our Kindergarten Kids Club there are a lot of fun days, but one in particular stands out for Natalie. During a week that the class was learning about the forest each of the kids made bear paws and ears. The class then paraded around the FRC pretending to be bear cubs. Moments like this will be remembered by Natalie for years to come and bring a smile to her face.
Natalie does a wonderful job of creating lesson plans that get the kids excited to learn. The kids in her room are excited to greet her each afternoon. Upon graduating from OSU, Natalie plans to attend Medical School to become a Pediatrician.

Batool, Jordan

Batool has grown to love the FRC and the friends that she has made during her time here. She loves getting to dance and sing with her favorite teacher, Miss Shefali. Batool enjoys getting to play tag outside with her friends and coloring during inside free time. 

Pelumi, Nigeria

If you come into our after-school programs you will most likely see Pelumi playing soccer with his friends because it is his favorite thing to do at the FRC. When asked why he likes the FRC, Pelumi quickly responded by saying, “I like getting to hangout with my friends and getting to see my teachers.” Pelumi also enjoys all the events that take place at the FRC, but he especially enjoys the Welcome Back Bash that offers “so many fun things to do”. 

Kierra Hudson, Dewey, OK USA

When asked what makes the FRC special, Kierra quickly replied, “The people make the FRC. Walking into the FRC I get excited as I say hello to Michelle at the desk. The FRC is a welcoming place, where I feel like I belong.” Kierra currently teaches our Kindergarten Kids Club after school program. She is quick to get the kids singing, dancing, and laughing. Kierra hopes to become a 1st grade teacher when she is finished with her bachelor’s degree.

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