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Community and Convenience

Participate in activities hosted by the Family Resource Center. Enjoy nearby soccer fields and garden plots. And take advantage of on-site laundries, 24-hour maintenance, Apartment Assistants, and campus transportation.
Over 1,600 individuals call the Neighborhoods home. Priority is given to students with families but single graduate students, juniors, and seniors may also qualify as space allows.

Six Neighborhoods to Choose From

2 Bedroom/1 Bathroom apartments, available in five-floor plans — furnished or unfurnished.

Learn more about the benefits and convenience that are included in your one monthly bill!

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1) Brumley

$838/mo. (or $420/mo. per co-primary) — Recently renovated, two-story buildings.

2) Demaree

$730/mo. — Two-story buildings.

3) Prosser

$720/mo. — One and two-story buildings.

4) Stevens

$730/mo. — Two-story buildings.

5) West

$730/mo. (available furnished for an additional $40/mo. = $770/mo.) — Two-story buildings.

6) Williams

$720-$838/mo. — One and two-story buildings.

What is the Family Resource Center (FRC)?

The Family Resource Center (FRC) is the center of activity for Family and Graduate Student Housing residents.
With our lending system and multiple educational resources, the FRC provides exciting programs for all members of our community.
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