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Oklahoma State University

Living Learning Programs (LLPs)

Residential Life is proud to offer many Living Learning Programs (LLPs) and special interest housing options on campus. These communities provide a great opportunity to live with others who share your interests, may take classes with you, and together you can benefit from shared experiences. If you have any questions about our Living Learning Programs please contact us and we can get you connected.

If you are interested in learning more about the Living Learning Programs available, please contact the Housing and Residential Life Office at 405-744-5592 or at

Housing and Residential Life Living Learning Programs 2017-2018

CEAT Houses

Available by Application Only:  Apply to Join CEAT House

  • Allen:  Upper-class CEAT housing.  Allen provides suite-style housing and has programming and tutoring spaces available.  
  • Parker Hall: This building is focused on Freshmen CEAT Students exclusively.   Parker provides traditional housing (two to a room, restrooms and common areas on each floor) at a more economical price. Programs and tutoring are available in hall as well as CEAT related staff support and mentoring throughout the building.  
  • Maude’s Quad: This house has been established in Parker Hall, and is named for the first woman to take an engineering course at OSU. The program components include a learning community, career exploration, and course clustering.
  • CDP: CEAT Diversity Program: Housed in Parker Hall, this community provides support for CEAT students from underrepresented populations.  Programs and tutoring are available in hall as well as CEAT related staff support and mentoring throughout the building.  

College of Education

No Application required.
    • The College of Education is designed to foster the development of students as individuals, professionals, and scholars. The LLP is housed on the third floor of Village E.

    FIT (Freshmen In Transition)

    Available by Application Only:  Apply to Join FIT
    • FIT is a residential living-learning community in Village CASNR designed to help the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resource (CASNR) freshmen students transition to college by providing an atmosphere for personal and academic growth through engagement, service and networking. The program sets expectations important to student success and fosters independence, interest in new experiences, leadership development and academic excellence. Students are encouraged to investigate and practice beneficial behaviors and incorporate them into their college experience. Students must be enrolled within the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources for the entire academic year and be a freshmen to participate in FIT and live in Village CASNR. 

    Human Sciences House

    Available by Application Only:  Apply to Join Human Sciences House
    • The College of Human Sciences' Living Learning Community is located in Village Human Sciences first floor. Students apply to be accepted to The PETE Project program, an opportunity for student residents to experience support from Student Academic Mentors through small-group and community-wide experiences. Faculty and administrators interact with students throughout the academic year.

    Inquiring Minds Living Learning Program

    No Application required.
      • Located on the 4th floor of Bennett, the mission of the Inquiring Minds LLP is to develop students as effective interdisciplinary researchers and articulate inquirers who are able to efficiently discover, critically consume, and ethically create and share information in the pursuit of academic, professional, and civic success.

      Leadership Living Learning Program

      No Application required.
        • Located on the 10th floor of Wentz Hall, the mission of the Leadership LLP is to foster a progressive and inclusive environment that encourages students to grow in their existing leadership roles. Residents will enroll in one 3- hour course each semester, and through these two classes, work together over the course of the year to identify and issue, and address it by co-creating something new for Oklahoma State University, based on input from residents and others in the campus community. 

        Media House

        No Application required.
          • The Media House Living and Learning Community is located on the third floor of Village Hall C, with close proximity to the Colvin Center, OSU's nationally recognized premier fitness facility and is sponsored by the School of Media & Strategic Communications (SMSC). SMSC offers degrees in Multimedia Journalism, Sports Media and Strategic Communication.  Freshman students will take classes together during their first semester, and all classifications of students will live together in the community.  SMSC Faculty are involved with residents of the floor both in and out of the classroom.

          OKSTATE F1RST

          No Application required.
          • Located on Wentz 10, the OKSTATE F1RST program is designed to provide support for first generation college students as they transition to college by providing activities and resources to support student success.  Students will engage in leadership training, mentoring and planned activities each month as part of this program.  

          Spears School of Business House

          No Application required.
          • The fourth floor of Village Hall E and F is home to the Spears School of Business learning community. The House will allow upperclass students to share their knowledge of OSU and the Spears School of Business with freshmen business students through the Apprentice/Mentor program.

          Stout/Bennett Honors House

          No Application required, but must be accepted into the Honors College.
          • Stout Hall and Bennett West 2nd, 3rd, & 4th floor is open to all students who have been accepted into the University's Honors Program. Students in these halls form a tight bond with each other because they have many of the same classes together, and they enjoy the living environment that the halls offers.