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Housing Rates & Pricing

Welcome, you'll find all the latest OSU Residential Life Housing Rates information here. All rooms are air-conditioned and are provided with computer jacks and basic cable. Summer contracts are binding for the summer session in which you are enrolled.

Housing Rates

Single Student Housing

All housing rates are quoted per person and include all utilities: electricity, water, sewer, expanded basic cable television, ethernet, WiFi and free laundry for Single Student Housing. Monthly rates are provided for calculation purposes of contract buy-outs and late cancellation charges.

Family & Graduate Student Housing

Family and Graduate Student Housing apartments are available to married and single parents as well as single graduate students and upperclassmen. Priority is given to families, single parents and graduate students, followed by nonfreshman residents. Individuals should apply 8-10 months in advance to ensure choice of apartments. The rates include all utilities (gas, water, electricity, digital cable television and internet connection). Prices listed are by the apartment.


West Neighborhood units will be available fully furnished ($40/month for furniture). Residents in other neighborhoods that currently have furniture will keep their furniture until the unit becomes vacant. Partially furnished and unfurnished apartments are available. Partially furnished units feature a built-in dining table, four dining chairs, and two full-size beds and mattresses. A full-size bed can be exchanged for two extra-long twin beds and mattresses. Bed size preferences will be chosen on the Housing Portal when residents apply for housing. Residents will be charged $10 per month for each bed in their unit. Any exchanges or movement of furniture and beds after the resident has selected their housing option will cost $100 for each move.

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